Our mission is to provide a tool that is simple, free and easy to use.

After you’ve submitted your project through KitchenPrices.ca, you will be contacted by local contractors that are part of our network. Our team of experts chooses all our contractors according to a set of rules that they have developed using their many years of experience.

Our goal is for these local and professional contractors to provide the Homeowners with high standards of customer service and industry standards of work quality. You will be able to get your kitchen renovation done on your time frame and what’s most important your project will be on budget. Start using our network of contractors now and save your time and money!


Our main objective is to build a Network of Homeowners that is looking to renovate their kitchens in the near future.

You will be able to make use of these renovation project referrals and increase your business. Our team of experts has used their many years of experience to build a form that will give you enough accurate information so you can prepare the estimates easy and fast. There will be no immediate need for you to go onsite in order for you to prepare the estimates. Try us now. Start saving your time and increase your business!